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@Work/@Home Tech Corporation

A technology services firm specializing in installation, training,
repair, support, and maintenance of electronic and related
technology equipment in the workplace and home.

@Work/@Home Tech Corporation provides service at small to medium size businesses with simple to moderate installation, support, training, and repair related to their technology in computers, telecommunications, audio/visual projection systems, and networking and infrastructure. @Work/@Home Tech Corporation also offers consumer home service with installation and support related to audio/visual home entertainment systems, computer systems, and networking requirements.

@Work/@Home Tech Corporation will maintain and repair all types of electronic equipment, which includes all hardware installation and setup, software installations, custom programming, and updating of new or existing computer systems.  @Work/@Home Tech Corporation will install, update, and maintain computer operating systems in Microsoft Windows, Unix/UnixWare/Linux, and Novell Netware in both single and multiuser environments.  @Work/@Home Tech Corporation  provides intrusion, cyber-attack protection, and anti-virus protection using hardware and software, backup solutions with data archiving, and date recovery of critical data.  @Work/@Home Tech Corporation specializes in the setup, training, and support of the Microsoft Small Business Products and Services, Passport/Realworld Accounting Software, and FP Technologies FilePro Database Manager.

@Work/@Home Tech Corporation works on all types of electronic systems and equipment including any technology encompassing computing, telecommunications including single and multi-user telephone systems with VoIP telephony, and networking interconnectivity including infrastructure installation and maintenance of fiber optic and copper cabling.  @Work/@Home Tech Corporation provides hardware and software support for computer workstations, and server environments such as high reliability/failsafe-failover configurations, and multi-server installations.

@Work/@Home Tech Corporation sells and supports hardware and software vendors such as Microsoft, Passport/Realworld, FP Technologies, Hewlett Packard, Dell and other technology providers. Service and support will not be limited exclusively to these vendors.

@Work/@Home Tech Corporation performs customer service on site as much as possible to avoid transport of equipment to a central service facility, unless necessary due to the scope of work.  Many existing companies are a pickup and delivery service; with no actual service work performed on site.   @Work/@Home Tech Corporation offers repair and support of both legacy, and out-of-warranty electronic equipment requiring maintenance, service and repair.

@Work/@Home Tech Corporation offers franchise opportunities in
other locations, using either company owned or independently
owned and operated franchises


See our Software Vendors under Software on this web site and use the links to view the latest available Business Solutions software. And when you need your systems up and running 24/7, we WILL be on-site if there is a problem. Response time in as little as 1 hour (local area) anytime day or night. Extra charges may apply on service and support calls outside normal business hours.

Please Contact Us for information on how we can help your business achieve maximum productivity and un-believable performance from your networks and computing systems.



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